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In addition to our youth and senior-specific programs.  Upward Thrive Academy offers workshops and training in the areas of work readiness, leadership, and literacy to the general public.

We also have family wellness events throughout the year which help to improve communication and strengthen family bonds.

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Community Development & Engagement Initiatives


Community Development & Engagement Initiatives

UTA is dedicated to empowering individuals and groups of people to effect change and promote wellness within their local communities. 

Cupcakes for Christmas Toy Drive

Our Cupcakes for Christmas Toy Drive is a toy drive initially founded in 2012 by our executive director and her family. It is now an annual event which is operated by Upward Thrive Academy, Inc. This Christmas season toy drive solicits and encourages residents of southern Maryland to come out and donate toys for families in need. In return, participants enjoy delicious cupcakes, goodie bags, and fun activities for kids. Local businesses and organizations help by supplying bags of individually wrapped candy or packs of holiday stickers for goodie bags. To ensure adequate resources to make the event a fun-filled and rewarding for everyone, we solicit local bakeries and other baking businesses to donate cupcakes in support of the event. At the conclusion of the event, the toys are collected are distributed to families in need. The remaining cupcakes are donated to nearby homeless shelters and\or organizations which feed the hungry. This toy drive is free and open to the public. All proceeds are added to our general fund and will be used to further our exempt status.

Seasons of Angels

UTA Seasons of Angels is a crafting and distribution initiative that is continued throughout the year. Upward Thrive Academy program participants and members of the local community come together to craft angel ornaments. The crafters and volunteers meet up on scheduled dates to distribute the angels to nursing homes, rehab centers, and health care facility residents and staff. Crafted angels will also be included in our deployed soldier care packages. 

Deployed Soldiers Care Packages

Through donation drives and craft projects, our goal is to help deployed soldiers maintain personal wellness while they are far from home. UTA program participants and volunteers will help create and distribute the packages. Additional care packages will include items such as: hygiene kits, body wipes, hand sanitizer, games, puzzles, coffee, and other items that will encourage and uplift service members.

Upward Thrive Academy Wellness Awards Gala

The UTA Wellness Awards Gala will be held annually and recognize excellence and leadership demonstrated by youth and adults within our local communities.  

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