"The workshop was very uplifting. Certainly it [Get Up and Goal] is something that should be in every school!"
Seda G.
Chair of Superintendent's Committee for Performances, MCPS
"The secretary gave me the box of books and we are so thankful for your donation!! Some of the girls who received the book from you during the Lunch with a Leader program already started applying what they have learned from the book to their lives! How powerful is that?! Thank you for your support of both programs and for your gracious donation!" Tameka D,
Tameka D.
Intervention Resource Facilitator, CCPS
"Get Up And Goal was very insightful. It can be applicable to all people of all ages. Whether your goal is to maintain your current priorities or set new ones, its always good to have a guide. The books instruct you to list whatever your goal may be, and then directs you to the steps you need to complete it successfully. Already this school year I can tell that I've become more studious. Not that I wasn't before, but I realized how important it is to make goals, and knowing that you've accomplished them is a good feeling."
Kaelyn B
9th grade
"Get Up and Goal is a huge step in the right direction. Alicia has a heart for young people. She doesn't just want them to survive, she wants them to thrive."
Faye E.
Para Educator, SMCPS
"The day of the performance, I had excitement and joy. I was nervous but it was very fun.
Brooklyn P.
Actor, Actin' Up Theatre Troupe: Monologue Masters
Being a part of Actin' Up Theatre helped me realize that I like acting more than minecraft.
Chase S.
Actor, Actin' Up Theatre Troupe: Monologue Masters
"I liked that Mr. Quan helped me to take my time with my monologue so that people could hear me."
Mike J.
Actor, Quote about Monologue Critique Session
"Vonté, my husband and I would like to take this time to give you a great big Thank You! Having you as a tutor has made a profound difference in Dominic’s life. Dominic has been able to use various strategies in class taught during your weekly sessions. We can see a dramatic change in his attitude towards learning. He has even been able to help his younger brother with homework. He is making steady progress in math and is very proud of himself. Thank you for your patience, knowledge and time."
Kiki F.
Thankful Parent
" I plan to finish writing a book that I started over 10 years ago...Thank you so much for all of the valuable information that you shared with me today. I'm more than excited about this new quest that I'm on and the guidance that you're providing for me. It's on now!"
Maria A
Budding Authors Literacy Program Participant; Aspiring Author
"My mother informed me that you will be helping me publish my first children’s book. I am so excited to be working with you. I wrote this book for my World Religions class."
Alexis T.
Budding Authors Literacy Program Participant; Author of The Confused Crab
"Overall, I am so EXCITED, HAPPY AND WELL-PLEASED. This has been experience....with my next book I will know what to do."
Malinda M.
Budding Authors Literacy Program Participant; Author Trials and Triumphs
"My Simple Book of Goals allowed me to sit down and write out my goals with really helpful tips. I have improved my focus not only in school but at home and in my everyday activities…"
Jamal D
5th Grade

UTA staff worked together to produce over 2,000 masks for various organizations, healthcare workers and emergency staff. 

"This generous donation (of masks) affords us the opportunity to stay compliant with the CDC guidelines for wearing face coverings and allows us to have an ample supply of face masks on hand."
Vernetta S.
Assistant Principal, 11th grade