Upward Thrive Academy, Inc. provides education on how to restore, improve, and maintain personal, family, community, and occupational wellness through a qualified team of trainers, instructors, mentors and advisors. Our team is equipped with diverse backgrounds in the health sciences, cultural studies, human resources, licensing and compliance, youth mentorship and more. We provide educational information by offering on-line, in-person and in-field training workshops and presentations.

By offering events, publications and web resources, Upward Thrive Academy educates on subjects vital and beneficial to the wellbeing of individuals and communities and is helping to restore, improve, and maintain wellness. 

Get Up and Goal Program


Upward Thrive Academy provides goal-setting and leadership training to youth and teens through our Get Up and Goal program workshops and events. In this program, participants explore the key steps to setting and achieving life goals; how to maintain a positive mindset and self-image, and how to be effective leaders among their peers and communities. This program also instructs youth in the area of public speaking. Youth and teens learn, practice, and implement fundamental speaking techniques and strategies; the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of ceremonial, demonstrative, informative and persuasive speaking are explored. Additionally, this program is designed to help youth learn key cognitive skills and use critical-thinking strategies to work through challenges, while bearing in mind how the outcome of their decisions will affect themselves as well as others.

Participants learn and practice fundamental speaking techniques and strategies; The “who, what, where, when, why and how” of persuasive speaking are explored.

UTA’s Youth Health and Wellness initiative is an outreach within our Get Up and Goal Youth Program to help children increase physical activity and improve mental health stability. This program includes “Get Up and Goal” magazine, physical fitness sessions, and more.

Upward Thrive Academy is dedicated to helping youth excel in innovation, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and various other skills needed to be  self-starters, team players, and successful contributors to the communities in which they live. We believe science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics is integral to attaining complete wellness.


Mentoring Program


Wellness among at-risk youth is vital to the wellbeing of all communities. Through our Thrive Up mentoring program, screened mentors meet with at-risk youth for support, fun, fellowship, and community service activities. During this time, youth can talk with qualified mentors about life challenges, stress. and conflict management as well as life goals. Through this program, we strive to help youth overcome life obstacles as they grow into productive and thriving adults.

Young Pros is our work readiness program for youth and young professionals. In this program, youth learn professional etiquette as well as receive guidance with achieving their career goals. Additionally, youth are introduced to rare occupations and the requirements for entrance into the field. We will work with educators and Human Resources professionals in public and private sectors to create materials and workshops on work readiness and personal wellness in the workplace. This program inspires our youth to properly prepare for the working environment and learn work/life balance to attain occupational wellness.

Theatre Program


The Actin’ Up Theatre Troupe is a program designed for youth and teens, ages 8-17. This program helps young actors develop a well-rounded understanding of the various aspects of theatre and its process, resulting in a greater appreciation for the arts and film. Additionally, Participants focus on applying the arts constructively to self-improve and advance their communities; utilizing theatrical techniques to spread positive messages and promote wellness. 

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