Designed for homeschool youth—This 6-weeks course explores the basic elements of sewing:  Fabric choice and cutting, pattern reading/instructions, identifying/understanding the categories of sewing notions, and getting to know and understand the sewing machine, and the essential components of piecing together a garment.  Participants learn the basic steps to construct simple projects such as a jacket, fitted skirt with a centered zipper, vintage tiered skirt with elastic waist, shirt/blouse with cuffs, collars, buttons, and buttonholes; plus other simple projects of their choice.

 At the end of this course, students who have applied this study should be able to demonstrate their mastery of the subject by identifying and summarizing sewing machine functions, explaining types of fabric, describing the use of patterns and pattern layout/adjustments, and produce a completed project of their choice and explain the steps from start to the finished product.