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Get Fit Challenge Summer Camp

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Step into a world of excitement and fitness with the UTA Keep It 100 Get Fit Course (based on our online fitness challenges).Ages 10-17. Embark on a journey of physical fitness, sports exploration, and the cultivation of healthy habits, all within a high-energy and engaging setting. Complete with onsite workouts, and informative handouts and worksheets.

Campers must wear black or blue tshirt, and sweatpants or knee length basketball style shorts.

SkillBuilderz Center
8 Jay Gould Court
Unit E
Waldorf, MD 20602


REFUNDS & WITHDRAWAL POLICY – UTA does not grant refunds or credits for student absences. One makeup date will be presented each session for purposes of finishing a project. This session will serve as a make-up class for illness or a cancelled session due to inclement weather.

CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY – Participant/parent will be notified via email if a class cancellation is necessary. Efforts will be made to make-up weather-related cancelled classes, but are not guaranteed. Refunds will not be offered due to a participant’s inability to partake in missed make-up session. If the instructor is ill for a class and a substitute is not available, a make-up class will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Media Release
By registering for this event, you give Upward Thrive Academy, Inc.(UTA) and its employees, representatives, partners, and authorized media organizations permission to photograph and take video footage of your child for production and promotional purposes; publish, use, and reuse video footage, photos and images of yourself and your child for use in digital and printed media for art, promotion, illustration, advertisement, and trade purposes related to UTA. Video footage, photo(s) and image(s) also refers to any creative alterations and edits subsequently made to the original image or file. You also acknowledge that you are fully aware that you will not receive monetary compensation for your child’s participation. You further release and relieve UTA and its employees, representatives, and authorized media organizations from any liabilities, known or unknown arising out of the use of this material.

Upward Thrive Academy, Inc. and its employees, partners, and representatives assumes no liability and/or responsibility for the injury or loss of life of any participant or damage or loss of personal property while, nor after, attending events, activities, workshops, and/or programs.

These terms and conditions are necessary to help attain a quality and fun experience for all attendees.

Note: Upward Thrive Academy, Inc. and its employees, partners, and representatives have the flexibility to exercise their judgment to determine if an attendee is in violation of the policy, terms and conditions.

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